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Can crowns or veneers be whitened as part of the teeth whitening process?

Can crowns be whitened as part of a teeth whitening treatment or should I get teeth whitening before crowns? This is a common question here at The Gap Dental Practice and we would urge you to come in for a consultation initially as this will give us the opportunity to provide a more balanced answer from closer inspection of your teeth, crowns or any veneers you may have.

The quick answer is that the porcelain crowns or veneers, unlike the natural enamel in your teeth cannot be, as mainstream teeth whitening gels will have no discernible impact on them. Best practice would say to get you teeth whitened ahead of any crown or veneer treatment, as a skilled dentist will be able to balance the colour of your whitened enamel to that of the porcelain crown or veneers.

While modern crowns or veneers will last approximately 10 years or more, existing crowns may have become discoloured over time and cannot be brought in line with the colour of your teeth post teeth whitening. The potential for crown or veneer discolouration over time can be accentuated by your lifestyle – tea and coffee drinkers, red wine aficionados and smokers are likely to age crowns quicker and again your dentist will be able to provide best practice.

Can Crowns be Whitened?

This is a slightly greyer area as, while existing crowns can’t be whitened given that the teeth whitening gel will not have any impact on the porcelain, in some cases your dentist will able to clean and whiten your crowns or veneers through alternate methods.

At The Gap Dental Practice we would suggest that you consider replacing any crowns or veneers so that they match your whiter teeth. The most logical process is to first have your teeth whitened, allow a period of some two weeks for the whitening to reach it’s final colour and for the dentist to then replace you crowns while matching the levels of whiteness.

Please call us at The Gap Dental Practice to provide you with the best options when considering teeth whitening, particularly if you have veneers or crown. Call our dentists today on 07 3300 1277.

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