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Does teeth whitening weaken weeth?

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

One of the most common questions we receive here at The Gap Dental Practice, along with does teeth whitening hurt, is whether the teeth whitening procedure weakens teeth. Our broad advice is that you should experience no more than mild discomfort during the procedure and short term sensitivity. There should be no long-term weakening of the teeth if the dentist you are using is qualified, well reputed and using the latest teeth whitening procedures. You pay for what you get and while there may be cheaper alternatives, we would again urge you to pay more for a better quality and safe dental whitening procedure.

Consultation is Key

There are cases where an individual may not be suited for teeth whitening and the first port of call would be to consult with your dentist. He or she will know of your dental history and in some cases, given your dental history and or lifestyle, may advise against teeth whitening. If for example you have a history of significant teeth sensitivity or issues with the roots of teeth, then while teeth whitening does not weaken your teeth, it could potentially compound an existing known dental issue/sensitivity.

Do It Yourself Teeth Whitening

As touched upon in many articles here at The Gap Dental Practice, going it alone for a cheaper, over the counter teeth whitening kit may not be a cost saving in the long-term. Teeth whitening kits often do not get the same result through a one-off treatment and the subsequent kits may soon rack up to an equivalent cost to that of a qualified, professional dentist. There is also the potential that you could weaken or damage gums through commercially available kits where the treatment tray is not well fitted.

Getting the Right Fit

Key to ensuring that there is no impact to your teeth or gums is consultation with a qualified dental practitioner. He or she will assess the condition of your teeth, your lifestyle and as a start point will be able to advice what the potential results might be. If the dentist here at The Gap Dental Practice determines that teeth whitening will be suitable, a custom-built treatment tray will be moulded to fit your teeth well and this is also a critical starting point to ensure that the treatment is very much focused on your teeth, with limited potential to impact on your gums or other areas.

This treatment tray will apply the teeth whitening gel directly to the area to be treated and can be applied at home for a minimum of one hour or longer depending on the whitening gel being used.

Talk to our dentists on 07 3300 1277 who will be able to answer any treatment questions directly.

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