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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age should I take my child to the dentist?
    Dentists recommend that children attend their first dental visit at the age of 3. Usually at this stage the baby teeth have all erupted and the dentist can check the teeth for decay and advise the parents the best treatment options if decay is present and how to clean the teeth correctly.​
  • Should I clean my child's baby teeth?
    Yes it is very important to clean baby teeth as they erupt or grow. We would advise to do this by using a soft cloth to clean the teeth that are present.​
  • Are baby teeth important?
    A child's baby teeth are very important. Baby teeth have important purposes which are to maintain space for the adult teeth and help in the child’s development.​
  • What happens if I don’t get my teeth cleaned regularly?
    Plaque on teeth over time hardens into scale. When this thickens it attracts bacteria, which causes inflammation of the gums. This may result in bleeding gums and increased risk of periodontal disease. It is recommended to have teeth scaled and cleaned 6 monthly.
  • What is a fissure sealant?
    A fissure sealant is a preventative measure to protect the surface of a tooth from decay. This is usually done on a childs 6 or 12 year old molar. If deep fissures are present they may trap food and bacteria which can result in decay. Fissure sealants reduce the risk of decay significantly, are painless and quick to place.
  • Why do my gums bleed?​
    Bleeding gums may be due to gingivitis, or a more severe form of gum disease called periodontal disease. Thorough cleaning and flossing twice daily and a 6 monthly visit to the Dentist should help control this.
  • Is gum disease preventable?
    ​Yes gum disease is preventable by cleaning and flossing the teeth daily and regular 6 monthly dental visits ensure this helps to maintain teeth for life.
  • Should I floss daily?
    Yes flossing daily removes plaque from in between the teeth. Flossing and brushing together will maintain the teeth and gums to optimal health.
  • What is periodontal disease?​
    Periodontal Disease is infections of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth. Early stage is Gingivitis which is red, swollen, sore and bleeding gums. Periodontal disease is the more serious term to which the gums pull away from the teeth, bone loss occurs and the teeth become loose and in the worst case teeth will have to be extracted.
  • Why do dentists take xrays?
    Dentists take xrays to check in between the teeth where they can’t see. Dental xrays are a very valuable tool to view the areas of decay, the root structures and the surrounding bone for evidence of abnormalities.
  • What is better, the toothbrush or the electric toothbrush?"
    The manual toothbrush works very well if used correctly and thoroughly but it can have its advantages and disadvantages. The electric toothbrush cleans automatically, thoroughly and all you need to do is move it from tooth to tooth. These toothbrushes work well for everyone but especially the children whom are just learning to clean their teeth and the elderly whom may have lost some of their dexterity.
  • What if I am anxious about my trip to the dentist?
    At The Gap Dental Practice we try our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. If you have anxiety we are able to offer you Nitrous oxide “happy gas”, and also have intravenous sedation as an option.
  • Where can I find medical history and/or authorisation forms?
    These forms can be found and downloaded from the 'Contact' page of this website.
  • Which health funds do you accept?
    Great news! We accept ALL health funds at The Gap Dental Practice.

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